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Maltese Kennel of Wittenhouse


to the Maltese Data Base (MDB) as I've named it.


And here we get the first problem: In which language we're going to communicate?


I am a German, the sponsoring kennel is a German one too but as the MDB is based on data of the worldwide Maltese community most of the potential users are not German speaking people.


The whole thing has started by searching for a bitch from a certain bloodline via internet when I had to recognize that such a database would be very helpful.

And I've found a tool which fullfilled all my requirements:

In general you have following presentation possibilities:

  • Pedigree of each dog w/ links for up to 10 generations

  • Pedigree of each dog w/o links for up to 10 generations

  • Reverse pedigree with children, grandchildren, grand-grandchildren, and so on

  • Trial pedigree where you select the parents and by this merge two pedigrees

  • Breed info with all littermates, full- and half-siblings as well as all "results" of all pairings


As I don't know who is interested and willing in sharing data, I'll give permission to enter the data base at the moment w/o any password.


Some further general notes from myself:

  • Quality of data like like found in internet

  •  I'm not  responsible nor liable for the accurassy of data and the use of data.

  • I'm neither a professional IT- or WWW-guy nor a translator. I'm only willing to do my very best to establish and maintain an international Maltese Data Base.

  • But together we may be successful.

  • So please be patient with me. Give your support and your improvements when ever you think it may be necessary.


some further notes for using the MDB


Kind regards

Klaus Holzmann